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A Good Day
a concert of songs from the musicals of 
Eric B. Sirota
 featuring Sirota’s new musical A Good Day

The concert featured songs from:
Go, My Child
Your Name On My Lips
A Good Day

Presented by the Park Theatre & Write Act Repertory
(John Lant and Tamra Pica)
in association with
Union City Mayor Brian Stack and the Board of Commissioners

and the Alzheimer’s Association

Donations to the Alzheimer’s Association are welcome:



A Good Day
a new musical
music, book & lyrics by
Eric B. Sirota  

Music, memory, an old flame and Alzheimer’s – You just hope for a good day.

A widowed artist, finds himself brought into the life of his childhood girlfriend, his first love, his muse, who spurned him over 50 years ago, and who now has Alzheimer’s.   

Paint the sunrise in your mind.
Remember music left behind.
Untangle memories intertwined.
Don’t let the sun down.

Years ago as a child, Suzanna (now 72), instilled the love of music in her friend. But she gave up the cello and music, and gave up that young man who loved her. She moved on with her life and eventually he did too.
Now, 50 years later, Suzanna has Alzheimer’s, and her children would do anything to hear their mother speak their names.

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Musical Selections and Interview with Eric Sirota


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